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If your trusted AC system has broken down unexpectedly, seems slower than usual, or hasn’t been updated in years, it may be time for a repair or replacement. Updating your AC system is crucial in order to keep your home running efficiently, your air quality optimal, and your energy bills low. While you may be unsure of whether you need a repair or a brand-new system, our Canoga Park technicians are experts and can pay you a visit to examine your system when you call. For 35 years, Kappl Heating & Air Conditioning has been our community’s go-to business for all HVAC needs.

We’re known for our specialized advice, high-quality repairs and installations, and our dedication to customer needs. It’s this devotion that has made lifelong supporters out of first-time customers, and it’s common for our new customers to be referred to us by other customers. We can educate you on your situation so you can make informed decisions that benefit you and your family. Make sure to take a look at our expert commercial HVAC services.

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How to Tell if You Need a Repair or Replacement

Sometimes, it may not be obvious if your system is in need of a tune-up or replacement. If you keep an eye out for the warning signs, you can act quickly and hire our technicians to assess the situation. The longer you take to notice and respond to a system issue, the more serious the problem can get. It’s best to act quickly before your system breaks down completely and needs a replacement when a simple repair would have initially fixed the issue.

Common signs that it may be time for a checkup include:

  • Your AC system is older:
    If your system is older than 10 years old, you’re likely paying more in energy dollars and your efficiency has most likely depleted. You’ll need a newer model to save money and work efficiently.
  • Your system has broken down numerous times:
    If your system has broken down multiple times over the past few years, chances are that another repair won’t do it any good. Repairs can add up in the long run, while investing in a newer model that requires less tune-ups may be the better option.
  • You’re experiencing uneven temperatures: 
    Uneven temperatures coming from your AC system is always a sign that your heating and cooling needs to be updated.
  • Your system is making noises:
    If your system is making noises from straining to cool your home, this may be a sign that it needs repairs.

Why is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

If your air conditioner is on but isn’t cooling, and you have replaced any dirty or clogged filters. It may be an issue with your compressor or condenser coils. When the system operates correctly, the condenser fan pulls the air from the system through the condenser coils to remove the heat from your home. Call our professional HVAC technicians today to inspect and repair your unit.

Is It Necessary to Service an AC Every Year?

It is generally recommended to service an air conditioning (AC) system every year to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Regular servicing helps in maintaining the efficiency of the AC unit by cleaning or replacing filters, checking refrigerant levels, inspecting and cleaning coils, and lubricating moving parts. These tasks are crucial for the smooth operation of the system and can prevent issues such as reduced cooling capacity, increased energy consumption, and potential breakdowns. Furthermore, regular servicing allows technicians to identify and address minor problems before they escalate into major, costly repairs.

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Benefits of Air Conditioner Repairs

If you currently already have a newer AC system, a repair may be your best bet. Our Canoga Park AC repair service team offers a maintenance program for customers who are happy with their systems and want to maintain them regularly so they can function optimally for years to come. Our team is available for house calls so we can determine if the cost of repairing your system is lower than buying a new system.

When it comes to customer service, Kappl Heating & Air Conditioning is unmatched. We give each customer the special attention they and their homes deserve, and we focus not only on improving your systems, but also informing you on your options and any system updates so you remain educated on how your AC system works. Check out our reviews as well as our coupons!

What Are Common AC Problems Faced by Residents in Canoga Park?

In Canoga Park, residents commonly face various AC problems due to the city’s climate. One common issue is a refrigerant leak, which can result in inadequate cooling and increased energy consumption. Another frequent problem is a malfunctioning compressor, which can lead to poor airflow and reduced cooling efficiency.

Clogged air filters are also a common issue, restricting airflow and causing the AC unit to work harder. Additionally, issues with faulty thermostats, electrical connections, or condensate drain lines can arise, causing disruptions in the AC system’s performance. It’s essential to address these problems promptly to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency in Canoga Park’s challenging weather conditions.

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Incredibly friendly service and knowledgeable technician. Vincent called to let me know when the technician would arrive, which made me feel like the company respected my time. Tony explained the service options and helped me find the most cost-effective for my particular situation. I will be calling Kappl again for future air conditioning needs.

- Jen S.

Kappl is by far the best HVAC company I have done business with. They are personable, sensitive to my time, on time and reasonably priced. If I have a problem they respond quickly and effectively without repeat visits. If repairs are not necessary they say so. Customer service at it's finest.

- Tim K.

Great service! Showed up on time for starters. Layed down dropcloth where they were working. Very professional guys. I went in the attic and checked their work and give it a thumbs up. I am a general contractor. Thanks guys. Will use them again.

- B.G.C.

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