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One of the things you can almost always count on your house to have is a central heating system to warm your home during chilly days and frigid winters. We’ve come to expect our homes to be equipped with heaters that work reliably while also keeping our utility bills low. Sometimes, this isn’t always the case. When you need heating services, Kappl Heating & Air Conditioning is here for you.

Our family-owned business prioritizes customer convenience, which is why all your HVAC service needs are located in one place, whether you need repairs, replacements, installations, or commercial services. For 35 years, we’ve been committed to keeping homes and businesses in Canoga Park running safely and smoothly through expert advice and passionate service. Our service areas also include Woodland Hills, Northridge, and Ventura County.

Contact us online or at (818) 532-5080 to learn more about our heater services today – we offer free estimates on replacements. Our technicians are certified and well-versed on the latest heater system models and brands.


Thanks to our developments in technology, today there exists a variety of types of heaters you can choose from to warm your home, depending on your home’s style and preferences. By being knowledgeable and the different types of heaters, you can decide which kind is the best for you. Our technicians are also well-versed on heaters and can recommend one to you when we inspect your home.

Common heater types include:

  • Central heat furnaces: This is the most common heater type in homes, which work by blowing heat through ducts to be vented throughout your home. Depending on where you live, your central heat furnace can be powered by gas or electricity. This type of heater is generally more cost-effective to install when your home already has ductwork. Homes without existing ductwork can be expensive to retrofit.
  • Heat pumps: This type of heater moves heat from your home during hot days and then brings heat into your home when it’s colder and can sometimes be used with furnaces. However, heat pumps also require ductwork and ventilation systems, which means your home will need to be updated if you lack ducts.
  • Ductless systems: This is the best option if your home lacks ductwork and works by carrying hot air into your home through electricity. Ductless systems are also generally more energy efficient, as they can control the temperature in individual rooms, rather than having to heat your entire home as once. You can save money by not heating the rooms that are unused.
  • Boilers: Boilers bring water through radiators and heat it to its boiling point to warm your home. Most boilers are powered either by natural gas or oil and don’t need ductwork to function properly. However, radiators are relatively large and bulky, and many homeowners don’t have the space to accommodate one.

Whether you have a heat pump or traditional furnace, we have the experts needed to treat your concerns and issues.

Our trusted heating services include:

  • Heater repair and replacement: Our team offers a special program so we can conduct regular maintenance on your existing system. Additionally, if your heater has been in place for 10 years or longer, it may be time to replace it.
  • Heater installation: We can inspect your home and recommend the heating systems that may be the most cost effective for your needs and can then install the system you select.
  • Commercial heating: Need a heating system for your business? We’ve worked with business owners for decades and know the priorities of business owners differ from those of homeowners. Allow us to cater to your specialized needs.

For fast and reliable service, call our Canoga Park heating specialists at (818) 532-5080. We respond and work quickly so your room can begin running optimally again with as little interruption as possible. 

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is offering qualified customers an opportunity to improve the performance of their air conditioning system(s) through its AC Optimization Program. To learn more, please visit their website today.

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